1 Sep 2015

In this article we will briefly talk about the specifics of the Japanese market. All the programs for the Japanese market need to be localized. And we mean not only obvious linguistic aspects, but also lots of cultural nuances that should be considered in the development and promotion of mobile games in the region.

Fragmented distribution

There are lots of mobile operators which offer subscribers to download apps through their own stores. Such major mobile gaming companies as GREE and DeNA are also working through their own branded portals, competing with App Store and Google Play. To reach good monetization and distribution, western games should adjust to the peculiarities of these sites.


With the help of localization developers can adapt their products to the social and cultural features of the region. To understand the local audience better you should communicate with local companies. The colleagues will help you to establish a good rapport with the client.


The Japanese appreciate customer support very much. And the Japanice audience wants the same. It is necessary to organize quality support for your game if you do not want to receive negative feedback.


The game industry is very popular in Japan, but to make your product really successful, you need nice and clear graphics. It should be easy for the client to find te right way in the interface and virtual space.


The Japanese like to spend money on games. You can earn money not only on in-game purchases, advertising, premium or paid products. You can combine different types of monetization. To choose the best way to earn money, you must get to know your users.