24 Jul 2015

There is no secret that the Chinese market is a dream for any game developer. Taking into account passion of the Chinese people, their suggestibility and prevalence of mobile phones among the population (as well as the number of subscribers), a successful entry into the Chinese market can bring huge profits.

In this article we will try to describe all the main pitfalls that you may meet along the way of localization for the Chinese market.


22 Jul 2015

Almost any mobile developer sooner or later faces the question of expansion of foreign markets. But first the app needs to be localized and it is much more complex process than simple translation.


14 Jul 2015

Localization of an app is one of those cases when money is being spent wisely. App developers receive $ 25 profit on each dollar invested in translation. Of course, you can save money on translation, but in return you receive low income and poor demand. But there is another way: you can invest in professional localization service, done by translators who will check every single word and proofreaders who will recheck its compliance. In return you’ll get thousands of downloads and grateful clients.