16 Mar 2015

So, you have been working for several months, invested a lot of time and energy in your project, and it’s finally finished. The app is successfully launched and you are confident that users will appreciate it and all your investments will pay off. But what should you do to attract the widest audience and ensure maximum downloads and revenue?

A good way to reach this is to localize your app. Than another question appears: Into what languages the app should be localized? We believe that the following data will help to clarify the situation on foreign language app download market.

We have analyzed Xyologic monthly reports on download estimates for Android, iOS and Windows Phone and devided them by countries. This analysis can show us the top 8 download regions for iOS.


According to the results, US market has 27% of downloads, the second place belong to China – 22%. Taking into consideration the fact that US (27%) and UK (5%) are English speaking countries, localizing your app into English language, you attract 32% of market.
But to get even more accurate data, we can analyse the language situation in these particular regions. This will help us to understand which languages should be considered to address maximum audience of the app. The following graph shows the results.

As it can be seen from the graph above, 35% of total market are English speakers, which means that publishing your app in US, UK and Australian appstores is the right way to reach the maximum audience of your app. Additionally, translation of your app into Chinese, Japanese and Spanish doubles your audience. And if you add German, French and Russian, your market will reach 85%.

Of course, there are a lot of other facts to consider while deciding into what languages to localize youe app. For example, China has a large number of app downloads, but it should be also noted that they mostly download free apps instead of paid ones. So if you are intend to monetize your app through in-app purchases in China, you should make the purchase process as easy as possible for the customer.

To sum up, we should remind that app localization provides you access to a wider audience. By localizing your iOS app into only 6 languages, you can reach 85% of the total iOS app market.