7 Apr 2015

Preparing your iOS app for localization in Xcode

Introduction to Base Internationalization

Base internationalization gives an opportunity to extract the text in your app from Interface Builder and other resources. All the buttons, names and texts should be translated. The text is placed in a .strings file format. Base internationalization collects the texts from .storyboard and .xib files. You can also localize images and other resources you need. Xcode duplicates these resources into a Base.lproj folder in your project and stores the localized versions in separate folders for each language.


24 Mar 2015

To begin with, internationalization is not something you do after shipping your product. It should be built in the app from the very beginning as part of core design and architecture.

Nowadays the app is hardly to focus on one particular region with one language and single currency. It should be internationalized. It should be clear and understandable for every user in target countries. For example, the English user  should understand that 1/4/2013 is 1 of April 2013 and not 4 January 2013.


23 Mar 2015

We continue to explore the field of App Store Optimization, as the opportunity of “free”, ongoing traffic is too attractive to ignore it.

There is a well-known research by Distimo, which results show that after adding translation of the native language into the app, the next week downloads in the same country increased by 128%, and the revenue increased by 26%. Great numbers!