2 Jul 2015

We’ve already wrote about localization and challenges that developers may encounter in the  process of integration locales into the application.

You want to involve the user? Talk to him in his language!

There is one important moment which often goes underestimated: it is the quality of translation. And there are objective reasons for this.


25 Jun 2015

For many developers localization of an application is a simple translation into other languages. Thinking this way, entrepreneurs just wait for their application to become popular in a new country, but nothing happens. It happens so because in order to integrate your app into another environment you must do a lot more.


18 Jun 2015

Siri can answer questions and make jokes in 17 languages. Is that a lot or little? How many languages should your startup know to reach the entire target audience? Jeni Mayorskaya, the head of product at Smartcat.pro studied the most successful companies and found interesting results.