14 Jul 2015

Localization of an app is one of those cases when money is being spent wisely. App developers receive $ 25 profit on each dollar invested in translation. Of course, you can save money on translation, but in return you receive low income and poor demand. But there is another way: you can invest in professional localization service, done by translators who will check every single word and proofreaders who will recheck its compliance. In return you’ll get thousands of downloads and grateful clients.

Localization of apps is also useful to users. With your multilingual apps they become more active: with an app for shopping they make more purchases, with an organaizer, they do everything quickly and get promotion at work, with a GPS-application, they visit more places and so on. Due to these factors, they earn more money and have more free time, which contributes to more downloads. This can be called a trade.

According to Portio Research, 32% of mobile apps users download them in the Asia-Pacific region (Chinese, Urdu, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian etc.), 28% – in Europe (English, German, French, Greek, Italian, Russian, etc.), 17% – in North America (English, etc.), 13% – in the Middle East (Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Turkish, etc.) and Africa (African, etc.), 10% – in Latin America (Spanish, etc.).

As you can see from these statistics, people use apps around the whole world! Anyone who has a mobile device, despite the nationality, wants to make a shopping list, organize the tasks, share photos with friends or just have fun playing a game.

Moreover, by the end of 2017 the number of apps users in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to reach 2,039 million. So, 47% or almost half of the world’s app users will be in the Asia Pacific region after 2017. It is less than 5 years away. Developers should already think about what those users will want to see in the apps they download. Local languages, local services, local trends will all be of a great importance

So it’s high time to start using Localize.io. Our service provides sdk and online update for ios apps translation. With Localize You can manage you localisation files without the need to think about which version of the app you’re updating. You also don’t need to recompile the app each time you add a new language.

You have the right to express yourself through the applications, and people from different countries will use them in the languages that they speak. This means that you are helping each other to make life better. Let’s make it together with Localize!